Five Questions For Brian – Sticker Designer at Websticker

Brian Neilson - Websticker Design and Production ManagerBrian Neilson is the head of Graphic Design for Websticker. Every day he works back and forth with people creating effective sticker layouts and optimizing and improving existing artwork. I asked him a few questions so customers and visitors can get to know him a bit better.

1) What’s the best part of your job at Websticker?

The best part of my job is getting to use Illustrator all day. I get to design new ideas, improve existing ones and I am always learning new shortcuts and tricks that this incredibly powerful program has to offer. I also really enjoy talking with people from all walks of life, from all over the country.

More important than enjoying my daily tasks, is the work environment that Websticker provides. Flexible hours, great benefits and working with people that are more like family than co-workers make it an ideal place to work.

2) You design a lot of stickers, everyday – do you like stickers?

I have always liked stickers. My friend’s parents owned a ski shop and would always come back from ski shows with hundreds of stickers for us to pick through. That is where my sticker collection started. The thing with me and stickers was that I would need to find the perfect place for a sticker, because after it was applied to something, I could no longer include it in my collection. I still have most of the stickers from my original collection because of this quirkiness.

Since I started working at Websticker I have set aside the stickers I find most relevant and appealing which has significantly increased my collection. I think it may be time to finally start putting my sticker collection to use and create a collage to compliment the other sticker montages in the Websticker office.

3) Have you seen stickers you’ve designed or Websticker has printed out in the world?

One of my favorite things to do on road trips is to pay attention to all of the stickers on cars. I see a lot of stickers that we have produced. A lot of ski areas, such as Sunday River, Alta, Stowe, Jay Peak, Wachusett, and the list goes on.
Some custom stickers made by Websticker“No Farms, No Food” has been showing up a lot recently. Chris Bucci who owns out in Portland, Oregon has a sticker that is die cut to the shape of Oregon with a green heart in the middle. I have started to see those on cars right here in Stowe, at the other end of the country. Others I see frequently are Flylow Gear, Innova Champion Discs, Turtle Fur, iRide, and hundreds of various Euro stickers that we have produced.

4) You’re in Stowe, Vermont. What’s the place all about?

I was born and raised in Stowe and am very fortunate to have grown up in such a wonderful town/community. I still play hockey at the rink I grew up playing on and ski on the slopes I learned to ski on. There is something very special about that. The majority of the people I grew up with, have moved on to cities and other states across the country, but whenever they come back to visit, it is evident how much they miss their hometown. Stowe is a unique community full of support and great, active people.

5) Any final thoughts custom stickers.

It’s amazing how prevalent stickers are in our society. I never made this realization until I started working here at Websticker, but stickers are everywhere… and with good reason. From bands to large corporations and everything in between, stickers are an integral part of getting your name, brand and website in front of as many people as possible. It is amazing how a piece of vinyl with adhesive can be so powerful. Whether it is used to get an unknown name in front of a large audience, to revolutionize the way people think, or to just make someone laugh or smile, stickers are limitless in their ability to grab people’s attention. It is exciting being part of the promotional sticker world and knowing what can be achieved from helping create an effective sticker.

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  1. Do you really love your workplace and coworkers that much or were you brown nosing your boss?

    As for stickers, I confess I too have a collection of bumper stickers that I keep. Some of them end up on my car – the ones that I'm very passionate about.

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