Is It a Sticker Mock Up or a Sticker Proof?

We get a lot great questions here at Websticker regarding sticker design and printing. We also get question that at first may seem silly or irrelevant… but that’s ok, whatever makes a customer comfortable.  Recently a woman, reprimanded us for saying we would send her a “sticker mock-up” when what we really must mean is a “sticker proof”. So, we sent a “proof” instead. Art proof or mock-up – it’s the same thing – it wouldn’t seem to matter what it’s called? For each job we are working on we email an example of what the final sticker layout will look like for clients to proofread and double check.

People from different places use different lingo for similar concepts. There are many people who refer to custom bumper stickers as “bumber stickers” (with two b’s). I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of where that term originated and what segment of people use the term. But, the main point is that regardless of preferred language and terminology we want to help people get the sticker product they need for the best value. And, we want to optimize artwork layouts before orders are placed. Whether you call them stickers or decals, bumper stickers or bumber stickers, mock ups or proofs… the point is getting you exactly what you need.

As they say, the only bad question is the question not asked. If you prefer different terminology, aren’t clear on a layout proof (or mock-up) or don’t understand anything, please ask (whether it’s Websticker or another sticker printer). The most important aspect of buying custom stickers is being knowledgeable  and comfortable with exactly what you are buying, trusting that it is a good value and that the stickers will fulfill your specific needs.

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