Political Bumper Stickers On Cars Equal More Votes

At Websticker.com we’re always on the look out for actual data on the promotional power of stickers. Solid research and studies are hard to find. One can assume hundreds and thousands of impressions are made from large vinyl graphics on the sides of vehicles, bumper stickers on the backs of cars, and even small die cut stickers on helmets, bikes, notebooks, etc.. But depending on where the sticker is applied, the size and design of the sticker, and the travel routes and visibility of the sticker, there are just too many variables to get any accurate data on visibility and influence.

So, a short video interview caught my eye today of Kevin Ambler, state representative from Florida, who visited The ASI Show in Orlando. In the video Kevin mentions, as an elected official, political bumper stickers are his favorite promotional product. He further states;

“The bumper sticker – based on the research that we have shows that if you put [a sticker] on the car of one of your constituents, it is worth between three and six votes.”

That’s incredible! I’m not sure what “research” he based that statement on, but there it is. If accurate, even if you paid people to put your political or promotional bumper sticker on their car it would be more economical than any other advertising medium.
The key, of course, is getting a high percentage of your political bumper stickers applied to vehicles out making impressions (or earning “votes”). To optimize that promotional power you need the optimum size, optimum product, and optimum design at the best price. That’s where Websticker excels. We are all about design, service, and optimization. When You Want Your Name to Stick…. Websticker.

3 responses to “Political Bumper Stickers On Cars Equal More Votes

  1. I agree that bumper stickers are a very important component to a campaign, as are yard signs. I question the amount of people that vote based on the prevalence of a candidate's name on cars in their community. Hopefully people make their decision based on the issues at stake and not who has the prettiest bumper sticker or because their neighbors all support the same person. Regardless, these mediums must be maximized to get the candidate's name in front of as many people as possible, so that those people can investigate further and figure out who has what it takes to earn their vote.

  2. I've definitely been alerted to a political campaign via bumper sticker. I think having a clearly visible name and website on the sticker is the best way to get attention.

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