How do i know what type or style of custom sticker i need?

Keywords and search terms like “custom stickers”; “custom decals” and “custom labels” can have various meanings depending on whom you ask. A label is a sticker – a sticker is a decal – a decal can be a label – and round and round we go. The desired end use of the custom adhesive product is the most important detail in figuring what type of sticker is best for your needs. Review our Product Page to determine what product is best for your needs and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or special needs not covered there.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order on most screen-printed and other outdoor-durable stickers, decals and magnets is 125. There are lower minimums for larger stickers such as truck door signs, large equipment decals and car magnets. For large digitally printed wall stickers or vehicle magnets we can do as few as 2.

For paper roll labels our minimum order is 1000. Our affiliated business, EZ.Clickprint can do orders of 500.

Other resources for small / short run stickers and decals can be reviewed here.

What factors affect the price of custom stickers, decals, and labels?

Based on the information you supply to us we will always suggest alternatives or make design suggestions if it will bring down your price or give you better overall value. But, below are some of the general factors that affect the overall cost of custom stickers, decals, labels and magnets.

Material – Paper is less costly than white and yellow vinyl. Clear and chrome polyesters will cost more than most vinyls. Holographic materials, reflective and over laminated vinyls, and static vinyl will cost more than basic vinyl and polyester. In many cases the type of adhesive and material can affect price considerably so comparing options and alternatives is a good idea.

Print Method – Depending on your needs and the desired durability of your sticker there are different print methods that will affect price. For instance for 4-CP (full color, four color process) there may be 4 or 5 different print methods from flexographic to offset to screen printed to digital that may effect price and the quality of your sticker.

Size – Stock sizes are less expensive than a custom size or shape. Larger sizes use more material and therefore usually cost more. There are different size price breaks for custom stickers (5 or less square inches, 9 or less, 16 or less, 27 or less, etc.) so sometimes a slight adjustment of size can reduce costs.

Colors – Each additional color added to your sticker (front or back) may increase the overall price. We have 33 stock colors but exact PMS color matches will require a matching charge ($50). With full color (four color process) there are a number of different print methods available that may increase costs or in some cases decrease costs for multi color decals.

Quantity – Price breaks for most (excludes larger sizes) outdoor durable stickers are at 125, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2500, 5000, 10,000 and on up in 5000 increments. Best pricing is at these breaks. Higher quantities lower the cost per sticker or decal. Larger stickers have lower minimums. Roll label price breaks are at 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 and on up in 5000 increments.

Why is screen printing your preferred print method for outdoor stickers?

For outdoor durable stickers the reason we screen print whenever possible is that it simply is the best. Long term durability and vivid colors make this old school print style the go-to method for creating quality sticker products and best promoting companies, products and messages over the longest period of time. For more detailed information on the benefits of screen printing over other print methods and a video of the screen printing process check out this blog post.

Why are there such varying charges for die cutting stickers?

Anyone that’s shopping for custom shaped stickers, decals or labels probably runs into discrepancies for what is charged for die-cutting. There are several different cutting methods and many different factors that influence what method is used and what is charged. The needs of a customer, the material, the quantity, the size, and the in-house capabilities of the manufacturer are just some of the variables. At Websticker we have access to many printing and die cutting methods and therefor can can focus on the goals and end value of the customer.

To dig deeper into the various die cutting methods I wrote a Blog Post: Why Do Some Sticker Manufacturers Charge For Die Cutting and Some Not? This may be of interest and better explain advantages and disadvantages of various sticker cutting methods.

Why choose websticker over other manufacturing options?

There are a number of compelling reasons that Websticker is the best choice for any custom sticker, decal, label or magnet printing need. Reasons include our quality, experience, focus on promotional products that stick, multitude of production methods, and probably, first and foremost, our customer service. You can get to know more about Websticker at our About Us Page or meet the Team. Of course, you can also just pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss your project and any questions you may have. (802) 253-2011

Can i get my stickers tomorrow? what are your production times?

Here is an overview of general production times for various products. The range reflects the unknowns such as very high quantities or special added services. These production times do not reflect added (UPS) shipping time or weekends and holidays.

Bumper Stickers 2-5 days
Custom Outdoor Stickers 5-10 days
VSP Digital Outdoor Sticker 5-6 days
Vinyl Cut Decals 10+ days
Roll Labels 2-5 days
Domed Decals 8-10 days
Indoor Magnets 5-6 days
Outdoor Magnet 5-8 days

There will be an estimated time frame listed on your specific product price quote. Rush orders are sometimes possible depending on factory availability.

If you have a specific date that your stickers are needed, just ask. We’ll do what we can to accommodate your delivery requirements. We will never say, “yes, we can” (meet a deadline) unless we know we definitely can.

Can websticker handle my design and/or creative needs?

Basic layout and design work is free of charge on all jobs. We can take your logo and resize, add text, figure out most effective layout and size, etc. Our art department can also create graphics and layouts from scratch using thousands of fonts, graphics, or clip art options. Our free option commonly covers about a ½ hour of design time, but we will not go to print with substandard artwork.

Our creative department is also available for logo design, slogan and copywriting, identity development, recreating complex art, or any custom graphic work. Ask us about special design and development packages. You can review our complete list of services Here.

What is your ordering process?

We have a very personal and straightforward ordering process that guarantees you get the most effective product possible at a reasonable price. If you don’t want (or need) to talk with our staff and prefer a completely automated process we may not be a good fit. You can visit ez.clickprint for an automated alternative. Our process consists of you:

  1. working with our customer service department to get you fit into the right product and make you aware of all the pricing and product options
  2. if things look good we then move you to our art department for any needed design work, design optimization and proofing.
  3. when you our 100% satisfied with the layout and design of your custom product you can call and place the order with the designer.

After you place your order you will receive an order confirmation so you can double-check all the details. All artwork and information will be kept on file for easy reordering or updates.

Will i see a proof before ordering?

Due to the setup and films needed for printing it is not economical to produce one physical sticker sample on an average sized job. We do however e-mail digital PDF or JPG proofs for approval of every design before going to print. In some cases physical digital prints can be mailed if necessary.

We will not begin any job without approval of art and we will do everything possible to get you what you need to be completely comfortable before committing to an order. While we try our best to proofread, it is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to carefully proof design layouts and copy. It is our responsibility to print a quality product that matches the approved proof. We guarantee the finished product 100%.

Can websticker send a catalogue or samples for review?

We prefer not to send out catalogs but do have access to some on-line catalogs if you need to review product options not covered on this website. Generally, we have found it is of much more value to work one on one with clients to determine needs and make relevant suggestions. There are thousands of design possibilities; different materials, adhesives, sizes, etc., narrowing down the choices makes the process easier for everyone. We will gladly put together a sample packet or e-mail further photos or information when we are familiar with your specific project and needs. We want you to be completely confident with your choice of materials, adhesives, and the overall quality of our printed work.

Can websticker sponsor an event, give discounts or donate stickers for charity?

Though we have a no-haggle policy and try to give the very best pricing and suggestions we can right from the start, we want to work with you if you have certain budget or time constraints and will do what we can to make it work.

We handle all sponsorship and donation requests through our Freely Fund, Charity Sticker Program, which offers discounts and grant opportunities to non-profit organizations.

For any other mutually beneficial marketing partnership ideas or proposals please contact our marketing director Jeff Nicholson.

Does websticker only design and sell stickers? what about other custom promo products and creative services?

Though focusing extensively on sticker design and production Websticker also is available for creative, logo and identity work, as well as having wholesale production options for thousands of promotional products.

If there are time constraints or someone better suited for a particular job we have a network of friends and colleagues that we are more than happy to refer you to if we are not the best option.

Because websticker is a design and marketing company as well as a sticker source, does that mean your prices are higher for labels and stickers?

No… That is our value added advantage! There is absolutely no doubt that there are always cheaper sticker options. But, the key word is “cheaper.” No sticker company matches Websticker’s focus on design, service, marketing, best options, quality and value.