At Websticker we are very successful at helping organizations leverage charity marketing stickers for increased exposure, branding and fundraising. 82% of our customers return to Websticker and order more stickers. Why? Our custom products and personalized service contribute to their success and their bottom line.

We want to be completely transparent with the Freely Fund grants for nonprofits and what we bring to the table and what we expect from you in return.

By filling out the Freely Fund grants for nonprofits application you recognize the value of a potential charity marketing stickers partnership with Websticker and are acknowledging that we have an informal (non-binding, but handshake) Memorandum of Agreement to the below points.

What We Offer (general guidelines – we are flexible with every organization)

Marketing Consulting – We have over 25 years of experience with sticker marketing and through an initial and ongoing review and consult will help focus on the best way to meet your goals for your charity marketing stickers.

Multiple Design Options – Collectively our designers have 35 years of experience designing effective stickers. We will work with you to focus on campaign goals and optimize designs and any needed creative work for your charity marketing stickers.

Sticker Production – Stickers at no charge or deep discounts are offered for fulfilling the quality and quantity needed for the first phase of your charity marketing sticker campaign based on the size of your project and your organization.

Personalized Service -The same great service we give our customers that earns us a 9.9 out of 10, Five Star Rating.

Social Media, PR & Blog Posts – we recognize and promote our partners with links, articles, and photos when appropriate.


What We Ask You Bring To The Partnership

Just as with our long-term customers, we want to provide you with the best possible product to promote and support your organization, message, and mission. But, in return for our grants for nonprofits we ask that you support our mission as well to… 1. Help additional organizations through the Freely Fund. 2. Help us promote and educate people to the benefits of stickers as a marketing tool, and 3. Gain long-term partners and clients.

Case Study – we ask that you be willing to be interviewed for a case study on how stickers worked for your organization when you receive our grants for nonprofits. This is a prime example of how partnering can benefit us both – we get valuable information that helps us promote the value of stickers and you get further exposure and links. We often include quotes and photos in our social media, posts and PR. One of our non-profit partners became a case study used not only in social media and a press release, but in our book as well.

Referrals / Links– if you are happy with your experience working with Websticker’s grants for nonprofits we ask if you will consider offering us referrals, a mention in any posts about the campaign, and/or a sponsor link from your website to

Future Products – we ask that you consider using Websticker for any future sticker, label or other promotional product purchase beyond the discounted or donated charity stickers. We automatically offer 10% off to all non-profit organizations and up to a ½ hour of free design work on all orders. There is no obligation to stick with Websticker, but we hope our initial investment and expertise helps earn your trust and future business.