When using four color process (4-CP) for full color sticker printing, there are a number of different print methods available from Websticker.com. It is recommended that all multi color stickers be printed on a white material. The following print methods cover larger bulk sticker printing runs (1000+ for paper labels and 125+ for outdoor stickers and magnets).

custom digitally printed vinyl sticker for In-fluent made by Websticker

#1 vsp digital sticker printing

UV inks are used with the latest and greatest digital technology. This is the thickest ink deposit possible without screen printing and durability is 2-3 years outdoors. For bulk color printing quantities over 5000, offset or screen printing are better value options.

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custom vinyl offfset printed sticker made for Bighorn Outdoor Specialists by Websticker

#2 offset printing

A better value and more vivid than four color process screen printing, Offset sticker printing has an outdoor durability of around one year so may not be best choice for long term promotions.

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#3 screen printed 4-cp, full color stickers

Inks are UV light cured and have outdoor durability of 3-4 years. Full color screen printing can appear to have a dull matte finish unless a gloss coat is added.  With today’s digital technology, screen printing may not be best option for full color stickers unless longer term durability (3 plus years) is essential.

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#4 flexo (flexographic) full color labels

Inks are water based and typically printed on paper not suitable for outdoor uses (even if over laminated). There are flexo inks and printing that can work for outdoor vinyl but generally the resulting stickers are not equal in quality or value to digital or offset options.

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Custom full color Bopp label printed for Tree House by Websticker

#5 Other digital methods

– Not all digital printing methods are created equal. Other digital printing methods can be used on indoor labels, outdoor stickers, promotional magnets, buttons and small runs of stickers. As there are many different "digital" print methods it is best to check on quality and durability for your specific needs.

still confused?

If you have any questions on the best method for printing your full color sticker, label or magnet it is easiest to contact us with details (and artwork if available) and let us recommend and price the best quality and value options for your needs.

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Lesley Clark, Jeff Nicholson, Brian Neilson, Chris DeRienzo at Websticker

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