Ned’s Mission: Changing the world, one sticker at a time.

Ned can only do so much on his own, so he created the NedSayz community to help him spread simple messages and smiles. Stickers are the lowest-cost, highest impact way to make impressions and start conversations. And, with all the negative news & media, it is more important than ever to spread good vibes.

Do you want to get involved and help make the World a better place? Of course you do. Order up some stickers below and get sticking! And, by popular demand we now have “I Love It Here” t-shirts. Don’t forget to tag Ned on Instagram @NedSayz to share your slaps with the community.

You can also read more about Ned and his positive stickers.

Sticker Packs:

Ned’s Free Sticker Pack – A handful of Ned & NedSayz stickers. We’re not really making money with this, but do need to charge a little something to cover shipping and a bit of handling – hopefully that’s cool with you.

Good Vibe Sticker Pack – One of every NedSayz stickers that we currently have, and a handful of Ned stickers. Comes in a fun Ned mailer! (15+ stickers)

Ned’s Power Pack – A Ned mailer full of Ned & NedSayz stickers plus a few surprises of other projects we’ve got going on! (35+ stickers)


Lesley Clark, Jeff Nicholson, Brian Neilson, Chris DeRienzo at Websticker

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