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Stick This! Using Promotional Stickers to Build Identity, Create Word of Mouth and Grow Sales
by Jeff Nicholson (Author)
Paperback - $9.95
(discounted from $19.95)


Why stickers? Some quotes from stick this!

  • This a great book. It really gives a good explanation & understanding of how stickers are a perfect marketing tool. Db Burkeman
  • I was always of the mind set that you need to get your consumers not only as your advocates but also your marketing and advertising department. My goal was always to leverage my consumer following and stickers are my #1 way of doing that. Jason Levinthal
  • Stickers are the most effective promotional tool possible for the price. Shepard Fairey
  • Our sticker program insures that customers can always find our number when they need us. Josh Ward
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