“Find out about one of the most obvious yet best kept secrets in marketing. Jeff Nicholson reveals how you can super charge your brand and create a huge impact with your customers. After reading this, you’ll be ready to add an awesome tool to your guerrilla marketing arsenal.”

– Adrian Bannister, Impact Marketing

Though there is limited data and, till now, little written about sticker marketing, Jeff Nicholson pulls back the curtain in his guerrilla marketing book and shows how every business and organization can take advantage of promotional stickers in their marketing strategies. Stickers may very well be one of the best marketing values available and it’s time to reveal the secrets and tips that allow you to use sticker marketing to its maximum effect.

Studies show that 90% of word of mouth marketing is taking place off-line. So, what are the best tools to strengthen relationships and encourage conversations? There is no doubt promotional stickers can be a major force. Long before there was Facebook, Twitter, and the hundreds of other social media options – people were liking, tagging, pinning, posting and starting conversations off-line with stickers.

Nicholson's Stick This! book will show you exactly how to put this guerrilla marketing weapon to work for you. Marketing with stickers is already being used as a powerful tool by thousands of companies in many different industries. A few powerful examples are highlighted in this guerrilla marketing book. Stick This! book will help stimulate ideas and  maximize the effectiveness of a sticker campaign that starts conversations, strengthens customer relations and helps grow your organization.



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Stick This!: Using Promotional Stickers to Build Identity, Create Word-Of-Mouth and Grow Sales - Jan 8, 2015
by Jeff Nicholson

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Why stickers? Some quotes from stick this!

  • I was always of the mind set that you need to get your consumers not only as your advocates but also your marketing and advertising department. My goal was always to leverage my consumer following and stickers are my #1 way of doing that. Jason Levinthal
  • I would always choose budgeting more money to give away free stickers over paying for advertising any day. Leigh Hurst
  • This a great book. It really gives a good explanation & understanding of how stickers are a perfect marketing tool. Db Burkeman
  • Stickers are the most effective promotional tool possible for the price. Shepard Fairey
Lesley Clark, Jeff Nicholson, Brian Neilson, Chris DeRienzo at Websticker

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