Following are links to information within Websticker to help crank up the effectiveness and promotional power of stickers and decals for your company or cause. Promotional stickers can be an important part of creating word of mouth (currently the most effective form of marketing) and building and reinforcing a strong identity. Mosey around, perhaps you'll stumble onto one of your best marketing ideas of the year and get everyone talking about you.

Essential Design & Marketing Info

Book: Stick This! Using Promotional Stickers To Build Identity, Create Word Of Mouth and Grow Sales

Special Report: Maximizing Business Exposure With Promo Stickers

Quick Sticker Design Tips

Brand Tattoos – Getting More “Ink” For Your Business

Generating Word Of Mouth Marketing

Effective Sticker Design – Who, What, Where?

Should Your Promo Sticker Design Scream… or Whisper?

Good Promo Stickers Need A Core Connecting Concept

First Dates and Sticker Design


Protecting Sticker Designs

How To Start a Sticker Business

11 Tips For Small Business Success

Buying Tips

7 Mistakes Made Ordering Promo Stickers

Where To Get Custom Stickers Printed

Durability of Stickers Reflects Durability Of Your Brand

Case Studies

The Well School  (school or community)

Feel Your Boobies (non-profit organization)

Breweries Find Stickers Essential

HVAC Service Companies need to claim real estate

Ethiopia Skate

Band Stickers

Reddit Built With Custom Stickers

Penzeys Spices

If you have comments, additional information, or a case study you’d like to share, please let us know.

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