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Custom Sticker Design and Ordering Details

 Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Websticker and our custom sticker, decal and label printing. Just click on the blue tab for details. We also recommend searching Jeff’s sticker blog for additional information. If you don’t find an answer here or at blog please chat (bottom right), e-mail or call. We’re here to answer any questions. Websticker’s company car covered with custom stickers they print

1) How do I know what type or style of custom sticker I need?

2) Why choose There are many options for custom sticker printing.

3) Does Websticker have a catalog you can send? Can I get sticker samples?

4) What factors affect the price of custom stickers, decals and labels?

5) Can Websticker handle my sticker design? What does that cost?

6) What are printing production times on custom stickers, decals, labels or magnets?

7) What are your minimum orders?

8) How do I send sticker artwork or ideas to you? What files do you need for best printing?

9) Will I see a sticker proof before placing my custom order?

10) What's the difference between "spot colors" and "four color process" (4-CP)?

11) Can I use screens, gradients, and/or halftones in my sticker & decal designs?

12) Can I do multiple stickers at the same time and group them for better pricing?

13) How do you handle billing/payment?

14) Can Websticker sponsor an event, give discounts or donate stickers for charity?

15) I've got a great idea for a sticker. How do I protect, sell, make, and distribute for profit?

If you have another question not covered here or on this web site please e-mail us or give us a call 802.253.2011.

When you want your name to stick, Websticker is here to help.