Lesley Clark

Director of Helping In Any Way Possible

"Lesley, you and your team are amazing. Thank you so much - above and beyond, as usual." — R. Rooney
family, friends, stickers, staying active (hiking, running, skiing, working out), car singing and spreading positive vibes!

Chris DeRienzo

Director of Customer Happiness

"Chris really helped us out... very thoughtful consideration when it came to our order. Great turnaround and all around excellent service." — D. Bazarian
Family, friends, stickers, volunteering, word/board games, cooking, enjoying the beauty of each day
Brian Neilson - Staff at Websticker, Stowe, VT

Brian Neilson

Design & Production Maestro

"Designer Brian executed my idea to perfection! I am extremely happy with the design and quality of the stickers - Excellent service, excellent product." — E. Serra
Hockey, telemark skiing, yoga, golf, hiking, music, and… stickers

Jeff Nicholson

Chief Creative

"Besides being one of the foremost experts on promotional stickers who has helped me implement some very successful sticker campaigns, Jeff is also a master of creative brainstorming. He has worked with me on naming products and companies, persuasive designs, developing unique marketing stories, and offering valuable feedback on hundreds of ideas. “ — A. Garland
Stickers, family, skiing, tennis, golf, music, song writing, laughing, and extreme brainstorming


Director of Goodwill

“Ned would give the robe off his back for a worthy cause, but luckily, that’s not necessary. With stickers he is able to help hundreds of non-profits increase exposure and funding. Despite his size (and being 2 dimensional) he has a huge heart, a wide smile, and tremendous stature and influence.” — J. Nicholson
Travel, charity, farming, brewing, music, snowboarding, skydiving, and saving the world… one sticker at a time.
Lesley Clark, Jeff Nicholson, Brian Neilson, Chris DeRienzo at Websticker

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